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This is an archive of the epic.EIGHT tournament site. For latest tournament information, please visit tournaments.epiclan.co.uk.

Call of Duty 4 Coverage with QuadV and Tek-9

QuadV are here at epic.EIGHT providing great coverage and commentary on matches. We've set up an internal stream for people at the event.

If you're not at epic.EIGHT, you can follow the action and the live stream over at Tek-9.

And finally, you can get all the latest results and match information here, at tournaments.epiclan.co.uk.

epic.EIGHT Counter-Strike:Source 2v2

To keep you occupied this evening we shall be running a 2v2 counter-strike: source tournament. This will commence as soon as the group stages of the main tournament finish which is anticipated to be about 7:30pm. Signups are now open so get organising yourselves into pairs for this tournament.

(Note: Format and maps are still to be decided)

epic.EIGHT CSS Group stage scheduled

The group stage for the epic.EIGHT CSS tournament are now online

Matches can be found here

Please make sure you are logged into the tournament site to see match information.

CoD4 Group Stage scheduled

The group stage for the epic.EIGHT Cod4 tournament are now online.

All matches can be seen here


Please make sure you are signed in to the tournament site to see all the latest information

epic.EIGHT Tournament Signups Open

The tournaments for epic.EIGHT are now open. Please ensure that your whole team is fully signed up to the system by the Thursday of the event so that matches can be scheduled as early as possible.

Tournament Archive

We've moved the tournament information for epic.SEVEN into our tournament archive. To see information about teams, matches and results, use the links below.

We'll be opening tournament signups for epic.EIGHT soon!